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Posted Cathy Yams 0

After being in the group for more than a while, I think of the Dallas BMW Club as part of my family. We all get together once a week and have fun. It ranges from being in a restaurant to talk about things to being at a family fun park for the kids to blow off some steam. Our sense of purpose of being with our friends and family is what makes this group so successful which is why we started the Dallas BMW Club.

As far as I can remember, I started my own company a decade ago with just my lemonade stand. What that taught me is that hard work does pay off. Even though I didn’t make a whole bunch of money, what I learned from it was valuable and the experience from it made me even wiser than before. My parents taught me the value of money and the money we raise in the group are used for different organizations to donate the funds to. Some people aren’t so fortunate when it comes to finance and that’s another reason why we created this group. Not only do I love where I am with my “second family” but we tend to have lots of fun on the days when we get together.

A while ago, one of the former members was causing trouble so we had to ban him. He was very violent and after attacking two of our members, we felt the need to stick this rule in our group. Everyone should get together despite our differences and it’s just sad that some people chose violence instead of using logic. Violence is never allowed as well as being harassed and being discriminated. The BMW shows our successes in life and so glad that I am a part of the group.

A newsletter is now being created for the group. We currently have over 100 members that join us ever since the club got started. My husband is very proud of where we are now despite the hardship that we had to endure when starting out and it’s never easy. Our kids are wonderful and they are doing a great job of being who they are. A lot of our members are parents so don’t feel out of place if you are one. We all support and it shows by being encouraged to do what we need to do in order to become successful.

Coming from where we started, our club is definitely “one of a kind” because there is no discrimination and everyone gets along just fine despite our differences. Although, it’s where it’s at now from how it got started, what I like is that it’s doing great. Everyone is wonderful and I love that we get together just to relieve one another from stress. After the event is over, we wanted to do it again and it continues on from here on out.

If you enjoy what you’re reading about our group, don’t hesitate to join us. We would be more than happy to have you in our group. We take the time to answer and contact each one that emails us. Hope to talk to you soon.