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How to Make Money Online?

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Wondering what are the top and legitimate ways to make money online?

With job finding becoming increasingly difficult, people often look for alternative ways to earn money: its schrems round two. Luckily, you can find multiple ways of earning money over the internet.

Top Ways to make money online

1. Sell e-books:

Are you a writer with a completed story sitting with you? Is it diffciult to find a publisher or an agency who wants to accept your book? Don’t worry. There are many places online where you can self-publish e-books and earn money. Places like Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Apple allow authors to self-publish e-books. So go publish your book. Who knows? Your book could become a bestseller!

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Many companies will allow you to sell their products in exchange of paying you for each sale you make. Thus, this could be a great way of earning money.

3. Advertising

Sign up with sites like Google, AdWords, Infolinks and get paid for hosting their ads on your websites or other media. Create a YouTube account, post videos and allow hosting of ads on your videos. You get paid every time someone clicks on an ad. There are also various PTC (paid-to-click) sites where you can sign up and get paid for viewing the ads on their website.

4. Freelance Writing

If you love writing, this is for you, see example: challenges women entrepreneurship must support. If you can write well and have a strong command over grammar, consider joining websites for freelance writers. Complete projects for clients and get paid. You can also get paid for writing guest posts on blogs.

5. Sell your products

Promote your business and earn more customers willing to buy your products.

We spend a lot of time on the Internet. It would be great if we invest this time to add extra cash to our pockets.

Should you already have your website, then these tips are for you.

Top ways to generate money with your website

If you have a website and want to earn money from it, but you don’t know how, don’t worry. The following points will give you some great ideas of how to monetize your website.


There are many advertising networks out there you can sign up with. These include Google AdWords, Infolinks, Clicksor, Chitika. After signing up, you need to paste some of their code snippets in your website code. Then, these networks will send ads to your websites. These ads may be text or images and are related to your website content and theme. Each time, someone clicks on the ad, you get paid.

Promote your skills.

If you can paint, ghost-write or do something else and are willing to earn money with your skills, include this in your website. Highlight that you are interested to let people hire you, and specify your costs and services. Promote your website through various platforms and soon you’ll get customers. By doing this, you not only earn money but attract many visitors to your website, and if more people click on the ads displayed on your website, your earnings will increase through advertising as well.

Looking to make money online? These tips are sure to help!